The training will be delivered online via video conferencing.

Launching our first course - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification

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June 6-7 & June 13-14, 2020
10am-2:30pm PST

(All for sessions are for same batch)

Empowering Innovation in Immigrant CommunityA virtual space to learn, share, develop softwares & raise startups.

Our StoryLaunchpad for your next startup.

Technology is going to be the energy and empowerment tool of post-pandemic world. Top five technology companies together make up the total value of the rest of the S & P 500 companies. Yet, there seem to be little tech innovation happening in the immigrant talent in the new world.

Many years ago, when we were launching our own startup, we had little support to turn to.

Back in January, we decided to create a co-working space in Surrey, BC where the community can learn, co-work and create under one space. Then covid19 happened. Which gave us the opportunity to launch something even better - an online community that can bridge the learning in the west with the opportunities in the east and vice versa.

Join Us on Slack. Attend one of our courses. Hire developers from our recommended vendors.

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FAQWhat is Startup Street?



We are building an online community of builders, entrepreneurs, designers, innovators and young apprentices who learn from each other, share knowledge, ask questions, grow together and then give back through sharing expertise.


We are launching specialized courses, delivered online and in person on a specific tasks. From process management, agile methodology, art of the startup, making career choices, money management, we bring essential tools of growth to our community.

Development Shops

Have a great idea but don't know how to build a company? We can help. We partner with software development companies like Pippal Labs who have years of experience developing custom software products. A team of programmers, designers, product managers are here to help you build your next company.

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